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Authentic festival experience at BBK

April 27, 2018

Fans attending Bilbao’s BBK Live (cap. 40,000) can expect improvements in all aspects of the festival as its prepares for its 12th year, say organisers. The Last Tour international-promoted event takes place from 12-14 July on Kobetamendi mountain, overlooking the city. “We have been making improvements year-on-year to improve the…

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A touch of the Irish comes to Sydney

April 26, 2018

A fusion of Irish music, culture, dance and sport will be on display as part of the inaugural Magners Sydney Irish Festival, taking place in Sydney. The event, held on 10 and 11 November, will be staged at Sydney Showground (cap. 16,000) and Sydney Olympic Park (25,000), with a concert…

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Sena takes over Airwaves

April 26, 2018

Promoter Sena Live says it will look to book more home-grown acts alongside international artistes after buying multi-venue festival Iceland Airwaves (overall cap. 9,000). The event, which is held in Reykjavik in November, was owned by the festival’s main sponsor, the airline Icelandair. Sena has also bought the rights to…

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Debut event in beach paradise

March 20, 2018

A remote beach setting is to be the location for the country’s first international music festival. Kala festival (cap. 2,000) will take place over seven days between 20-27 June. Organised by UK-based Mainstage Festivals the event will feature five stages, along with a sixth hidden stage which is only accessible…

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