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Ahoy boosts appeal with mid-size arena

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February 21, 2020

THE CONVENTION complex Rotterdam Ahoy, in which the 16,424-capacity Rotterdam Ahoy Arena is located, is opening a new 7,819-capacity concert hall, which will also be the largest theatre auditorium in the country.

The RTM stage will accommodate 2,863 for seated concerts and theatre, and up to full capacity for standing events.

Construction on the new hall and greater building is due to finish in September, with its official opening set for the start of 2021, the year the Ahoy celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“The acronym RTM comes from the airport code for Rotterdam, because we felt it was a nice connection to the city,” says Ahoy director Jolanda Jansen.

“When you look at the profile of Rotterdam it’s a very dynamic and young city with many different nationalities, so we wanted to pay homage to that with the new stage.”

As well as concerts, the venue will host musical theatre, comedy and children’s entertainment, with the first shows announced in within weeks.

The coming May, the Ahoy will take part in hosting the 65th edition of Eurovision Song Contest, following the Netherlands’ win at last year’s event, held in Israel.

“We couldn’t have planned it this way, but we’re so excited that all these new things are coming together – the new building, our anniversary and the Eurovision Song Contest, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

Artistes playing the Ahoy include The Kelly Family, DI-RECT and Waylon.

Wider redevelopment in the area will see the opening of a hotel, cinema, swimming pool, theatre, library and residential housing.

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