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Aiming straight and low with Elation

Production News
October 31, 2018


Lighting and art director Alexandre LeBrun chose to forgo extensive overhead lights for rapper Nekfeu’s tour, opting instead for horizontal lighting at stage level, creating a wall of light, which he says could be set up quickly and reliably.

Seeking a strong fixture versatile enough for an “energetic” one hour show at events such as Lollapalooza Paris (cap. 110,000), Arras’s Main Square Festival (30,000) and a concert at Zenith de Nancy (6,000), he chose the Smarty Hybrid by Elation, recommended by Paris-based production company Dushow.

“It was a simple yet radical design,” says LeBrun. “The idea was to forget about the light from the top. I wanted to create a panoramic, low level design, using it only on the stage. We needed a powerful lighting fixture, but not too big and heavy.

“I instantly thought the Smarty was the right fixture for the project. It allowed many more possibilities than a wash, being powerful, small and light. And it had never been used before.”

LeBrun used 120 of the fixtures in the design, placing them in six 2.8m x 2.65m frames, 20 per frame, with three frames arranged in a diagonal on each side of the stage. The frames were mounted on rollers for easy on- and off-stage positioning and transport.

“Hybrid is a good name for it,” LeBrun says of the light. “The prisms are visually interesting when you play with the lens and the motorized zoom is great for very different looks.”

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