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Audience immersion key for Kabat

Production News
March 20, 2018

Show designer Radek Havliček aimed to fully immerse the audience in the live experience for a tour by homegrown band Kabat, creating an in-the-round setting where the closest audience members stood in four pits or “pools”, surrounded by performers on a specially-shaped stage.

The design positioned four central, concentric circular trusses above stage, held with Cyberhoist motors and faced with LED screens, masking an array of lighting within the structure.

“The stage spreads across most of a regulation-size ice hockey rink,” says Havliček. “It was the biggest stage ever used by a Czech band and included four pits or ‘pools’ for the most dedicated fans. The band literally surrounded those in the pools. Most of the audience felt included or immersed in the show.”

The lighting rig featured a range of fixtures by Italian manufacturer Claypaky including the Sharpy, the A.LEDA K10 and the Alpha Spot 1200, located within the show’s central column.

“The 360° design was a great solution as it shortened the distance between the seated and standing sections of the auditorium, making it possible to use the full capacity in each venue,” says Havliček. “I selected the fixtures because they are all able to produce a focused and accurate beam.”

Kabat played venues including Home Credit Arena (10,000) Liberecj, O2 Arena (20,000), Prague and Slovakia’s Ondrej Nepela Arena (10,200), Bratislava.

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