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Avoiding metal cliches

Production News
February 22, 2019


Drummer and vocalist Brandon Saller played an active role in designing the set for metal band Atreyu’s In Our Wake tour, creating six vertical “pipes” surrounding the stage.

He worked with lighting designer Megan Alksninis hoping to transcend the clichés often associated with hard rock shows, using a floor package of Elation lighting supplied by rental company JDI Productions.

“Metal can easily get stuck with a lot of strobes and little front light,” says Alksninis. “I tried to find the balance, having that but also allowing the audience to see and participate with the band. The chorus almost always had a unique colour chase and occasionally blinders.”

She used a mix of strobes, chases and mirror balls with fixtures including 30 compact ACL 360i and 6 DARTZ 360 LED moving heads along with 8 Cuepix Blinder WW2s and 4 Protron 3K Color strobes.

The fixtures were mounted on the pipes in a range of configurations, with at least one of each fixture per pipe, at venues including Chicago’s House of Blues (cap. 1,800), Sacramento’s Ace of Spades (1,000) and Denver’s The Summit Music Hall (1,100).

“Atreyu involves the crowd and talks before certain songs, so it was important to have a great crowd light,” she says. “Having a full LED rig was important to me because it meant the package would be cohesive. The Dartz and 360i’s worked perfectly together. The DARTZ were used to zoom in and out, with gobos, or prisms. For a small LED light they really outshine almost every other light.”

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