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Ayrton versatility for local heroes

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January 28, 2020

THE ABILITY to switch between lighting and video functions was one characteristic which determined the choice of fixture for designer Pawel Pajak when he created the show by Dawid Podsiadlo and Taco Hemingway at Warsaw’s 60,000-capacity PGE Narodowy Stadium.

He wanted a fixture that could provide contemporary, densely coloured and dramatic effects and, working with visuals company Percepto Lab, opted for MagicPanel-FX and Khamsin-S units by Ayrton.

“I really like multi-functional fixtures with maximum pixel control options, so I can use them, not only as lighting fixtures, but also as part of low-resolution video surfaces,” says Pajak. “I’ve been able to rely on Ayrton fixtures for several years on so many different productions, from club tours and special events, right up to stadium shows.

“This year I added one of the company’s latest releases, Khamsin-S, because I want the brand to become even more available in the Polish market.”

Pajak hung the MagicPanel-FXs in four groups of 16, each on separate truss structures, run by Kinesys motors. The Khamsin-S fixtures, also powered by Kinesys motors, were rigged on four straight trusses above the stage with each truss carrying eight fixtures, used to produce beam and stage lighting looks. They were also positioned on the upstage floor to create key looks from behind the band.

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