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BDKV embraces voucher lifeline

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April 9, 2020

EVENT ORGANISERS association BDKV (Bundesverband der Konzert- und Veranstaltungswirtschaft) has welcomed the Government’s decision that f ticket-holders to concerts cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak can be compensated with vouchers rather than cash.

BDKV president Dr Johannes Ulbricht said the draft law, issued by the Government’s Coronavirus Cabinet, is certain to be passed shortly.

The law will enable a voucher to be issued instead of a refund of the ticket price to the holder of a ticket purchased before 8 March 2020. Fans can use the voucher to attend a rescheduled show or they can redeem it against a different event by the same promoter.

If the ticket owner cannot find a suitable event before 31 December 2021, a refund can be claimed after that date.

“This law is very important for the survival of the live music industry; it is an important first step for promoters because if it had not been taken a lot of them would have gone insolvent very soon,” says Ulbricht.

“It is also an important step for consumers because if the promoters enter an insolvency process it would not benefit consumers wanting a refund for tickets.”

Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of promoting and ticketing powerhouse CTS Eventim, says, “Culture is systemically essential, and the bill proposed today by the government supplements the current contract law governing events with urgently needed provisions to mitigate the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for promoters, and thus for the entire cultural sector in Germany.”

Ulbricht said that while it was a vitally important first step by the German government, further steps are needed.

“More action must be taken because we are a work-intense industry that has come to a sudden stop. We cannot let the whole live music industry fail,  so we need additional state support.”

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