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Celine finds lightness in L550

Production News
March 30, 2020

In the search for a clearer sound, the audio team behind Celine Dion’s Courage tour has upgraded the tour to L550 consoles, part of the Live range by Solid State Logic (SSL).

Tour manager Denis Savage commissioned sound, lighting, video and rigging from Canada-based production company Solotech, having used SSL’s Live desks at the singer’s 1,100 performance, eight-year residency in Las Vegas, which ended last year.

“Just before Christmas we switched everything to 96kHz, [the rate at which music is sampled by digital consoles, with 48kHz the industry norm],” he says. “The difference was incredible – everything got lighter, smoother and brighter.”

The switch to L550 consoles allowed Dion’s monitor engineer Jean-Sébastien Boucher to eliminate latency, or delay, in the singer’s signal.

The audio system designed by engineer Francois Desjardins supports 128 lines from the stage. “We can record 128 inputs at 96k,” says Desjardins, who records every show with Avid Pro Tools. “What is great about the SSL is that you can add or remove channels without losing anything.”

The tour, which has played venues including the Wells Fargo Center (cap. 19,500) in Philadelphia, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center (19,000) and Canada’s Scotiabank Arena (19,800) in Toronto, deploys an L-Acoustics speaker system. This comprises left and right hangs of 14 K1 loudspeakers over six K2 arrays, with side-hangs of 18 K2 modules each.

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