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CMA suspends court action against Viagogo

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September 13, 2019

THE COMPETITION & Markets Authority (CMA) has suspended preparations for court action against controversial secondary ticketing platform Viagogo.

The watchdog announced in March it would be taking legal action against Viagogo for contempt of court, following its site’s failure to comply with consumer protection laws.

After repeated warnings, the CMA put Viagogo on notice in July that legal action would commence.

However, it has now suspended the order, saying that Viagogo had addressed outstanding concerns, but it, “has not ruled out future action if the problems recur or if other issues are identified”.

“The Viagogo website UK customers now visit is worlds apart from the one they faced before the CMA took action,” says CMA chief executive Andrea Coscelli. “What is clearly not acceptable is the time it’s taken to get to this stage.”

While anti-ticket abuse campaign group FanFair Alliance (FFA) agrees Viagogo’s site is more transparent, it is surprised by the decision.

“Today’s announcement was a bolt from the blue, and we need time to assess its ramifications,” says FFA’s Adam Webb.

“Clearly, the CMA have led in undertaking some important work in bringing Viagogo to heel. However, even leaving aside its historic abuses of UK audiences, which are serious, extensive and well documented, we still have serious concerns that Viagogo remains non-compliant with a range of consumer protection laws.”

The CMA says that if any new information suggests Viagogo is not meeting obligations, they will take further action, through the courts if necessary.

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