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CMW seeks ‘champions’ for its fifth annual awards

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February 21, 2020

CANADIAN MUSIC Week has opened nominations for its Live Music Industry Awards, which will be held on 22 May at El Mocambo (cap. 458) in Toronto.

Categories include Major Festival of the Year (cap. 15,0001+), Venue Executive of the Year, Agent of the Year and Canadian Music City of the Year.

“We’re celebrating the fifth year of the Canadian Live Music Industry Awards and the ongoing achievements of our members: leaders, innovators and passionate champions of artistes and their fans,” says CMW president and CEO Erin Benjamin.

“Sold-out every year, the awards bring us together as a community and creates the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the remarkable people behind live music.”

Among last year’s winners are Julien Paquin, Paquin Entertainment Group & Management Team (Agent of the Year), Quebec City (Music City of the Year) and Festival d’ete (cap. 115,000) in Quebec City (Major Festival of the Year).

The awards are part of the 38th edition of Canadian Music Week which runs between 19 and 23 of May and includes a conference at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel and a new music festival across the city’s venues.

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