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Delicate sound for Bottlerock

Production News
September 12, 2019

With a mainstage area 700 feet (213m) deep by 500 feet (152m) wide, the 120,000-capacity Bottlerock Festival needed a sound system offering even coverage throughout the area, says audio and lighting supplier Delicate Productions.

For the first time, it deployed a K1/K2 loudspeaker system this year by L-Acoustics on the main, JaM Cellars stage, which hosted artistes including Neil Young, Imagine Dragons and Mumford & Sons.

The system featured left and right arrays, each comprised of 12s K1 above four K2 downfills. The main arrays were flanked by adjacent outfill hangs of eight K2 each, while 32 SB28 subs were ground-stacked below, two high and four deep, while two delay towers containing eight K2 each were positioned in the audience area.

“It’s really quite remarkable how far the K1 and K2 systems can throw and still sound amazing,” says Delicate president Jason Alt. “I walked the audience during the festival and it had plenty of presence and fidelity throughout the space.

“We had to modify the subwoofer deployment because of an added ramp and stairs plus a swimming pool of water from the rain leading-up to the festival. We elevated the SB28 on pallets used an end-fire sub design to steer the low end away from the neighbours.

“Stage right side of the main stage was less than 300 feet [91m] from the surrounding neighbourhood. The promoter told me how few noise complaints they’d received.”

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