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Drones enable distanced live music in San Juan

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August 4, 2020

A PRODUCT launch featuring drones by telecoms giant AT&T made the country’s first drive-in concert by Latin Grammy-winner Pedro Capó viable for co-promoters Move Concerts and No Limit Entertainment (NLE, part of Live Nation Entertainment).

Staged in the car park of Hiram Bithorn Stadium (cap. 18,300) in San Juan, the event attracted 1,500 people in 480 cars, paying either up to $40 per person and $30 for car access.

“In mid-June the government relaxed the [Covid-related] rules and we started working on it,” says Move’s Puerto Rican partner Alejandro Pabon. “We had to work out security procedures from scratch and pulled it off in two weeks.

“There was so much expectation around the event – the eyes of the government, the artistes and the public were on us. We had more media coverage than any show we’ve organised in 10 years, including for Katy Perry or Bruno Mars.”

Safety protocols included taking the temperature of everyone in the cars, offering hand sanitiser and handing face masks to those who didn’t have them.

“Our industry has taken a big hit,” says NLE’s Paco Lopez. “Drive-in concerts seemed like a good idea, but it had to be an average ticket price and at first the numbers didn’t make sense. I work with AT&T, who were launching their 5G network and they suggested doing a drone show in the sky. The 150 drones, which created a Puerto Rican flag, a map of the island and ‘welcome to 5G’ messages, were a surprise guest for everyone.”

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