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Festivals and promoters next for state help

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August 31, 2020

Live music festivals and promoters can apply for €80 million ($93.7m) of grant aid from the federal government from Monday 7 September, via its Initiative Musik arm, which supports the country’s musicians and music sector at home and abroad.

A further €30m ($35m) of investment funding is available to clubs, festivals and music performance venues via the government’s GEMA programme, aimed at cultural organisations not usually supported by the public sector.

The package is part of the government’s €150m ($176m) Neustart Kultur (Restart Culture) scheme, announced in June.

Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters says, “We want to make the cultural facilities fit for operation again under pandemic conditions. This secures jobs and gives us all a framework for returning to cultural life.

“With Neustart, we are giving culture the place it deserves as the core of our everyday lives. We want to lead the cultural landscape in Germany towards more normality.”

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