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Google adverts ban hits Viagogo

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November 4, 2019

CONTROVERSIAL SECONDARY ticketing platform Viagogo has experienced an almost 80 per cent decline, according to The Guardian newspaper, after Google removed the company’s paid-for top search results listing in July,

Google’s move followed lobbying by artiste manager-funded anti-ticket touting campaign group FanFair Alliance and legal action taken against Viagogo by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA).

The Guardian reports that the number of visits to Viagogo slumped from 4.5m in June to 2.5m in July, the month the ban came into effect, before plunging again to just 820,000 in August, the first full month affected by Google’s decision.

Over the same period, the company’s global website also suffered a steep decline, down from 15.3m visits to 4.5m.

The CMA has since suspended the court order, saying that Viagogo had addressed outstanding concerns, but it “has not ruled out future action if problems recur or if other issues emerge.

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