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It’s all about the bass for Balvin

Production News
December 16, 2019

Accuracy, coverage and power in the lower frequencies were John Buitrago’s priorities when specifying the audio system for the Arcoiris Tour by Colombian singer J Balvin.

The front-of-house engineer, who has worked with the reggaeton artiste for 11 years, chose a Meyer Sound Leo Family line array system, provided by PRG Music Group for shows in venues including Staples Center (cap. 21,000) in Los Angeles, Talking Stick Resort Arena (18,400) in Phoenix, AZ, and Payne Arena (6,800) in Hidalgo, TX.

“Mixing live shows with Meyer Sound, even in very large arenas, almost feels like I’m mixing in the studio,” says Buitrago. “When all the frequencies come together with the right balance at front-of-house, I can be confident that what I’m hearing is the same throughout the arena.”

The main front arrays in the large arena configuration each comprise 14 of Meyer’s LEO-M line array loudspeakers with four LYON-W wide coverage

boxes for downfill. Sixteen LYON-W are flown per side to extend stage-side coverage. For the low-end demanded by the music, the system includes 12 1100-LFC low frequency control elements flown six per side to augment 20 1100-LFC elements stacked on the floor.

PRG system technician Frank Peoples adds, “You can drive this rig hard and it still has plenty of headroom in it. I wouldn’t say John mixes extremely loud, but he knows how J Balvin likes the low end, so he will push the subs pretty hard. The system generates plenty of energy to move the room.”

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