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Keeping the crowd in sight

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December 4, 2018


Keeping the energy high throughout performances of up to three hours was the priority for lighting designer Dan Hadley on the Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold Tour, which visited venues such as Canada’s Scotiabank Saddledome (19,300) in Calgary, the US’s Sprint Center (19,000) in Kansas City and Switzerland’s Stade de Suisse (45,000) in Bern.

He says he achieved this by using 36 MagicPanel-FX square faced LED fixtures by manufacturer Ayrton rigged on 12 floating ladders which formed a key structural feature of the set. The rungs of the ladders were able to swing freely while keeping the MagicPanel-FXs upright, allowing Hadley to create aerial effects, linear patterns and illuminate the audience with the blinder effect.

“Dave Grohl likes to be able to see his audience at every opportunity,” he explains. “The MagicPanels change position throughout the show. I wanted to keep [the production] low on budget and number of trucks, so any fixtures we were going to carry needed to pull their weight. Happily, they definitely have enough flexibility to perform multiple tasks so we could keep the amount of kit to a minimum, speed up installation and minimise truck space.”

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