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Koopmans opens agency in Berlin

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January 29, 2020

FKP SCORPIO founder and CEO Folkert Koopmans has opened a booking operation in Berlin, to represent both domestic and international artistes.

All Artists Agency (AAA) will be managed by Markus Grosse (pictured), long-term deputy MD of Four Artists Booking Agentur.

The launch of AAA comes after FKP Scorpio’s parent company, CTS Eventim, was prohibited from buying Four Artists in 2017 by Germany’s competition regulator.

“After knowing some members of the current All Artists team for many years, in which we have always been working well and cooperatively, I am very happy to continue this cooperation on a new level,” says Koopmans.

“As an agency, we want to be reliable partners to our artistes, regardless of what phase of their career they may currently be in. Artiste establishment is our priority, and of course we are happy if we can build long-lasting and evolving relationships.”

Grosse says, “I have known and appreciated Folkert and his team for over 15 years. I can’t think of a better set-up for my colleagues, myself and our artistes.”

FKP owns festivals and promoters across Europe and Scandinavia.

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