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MegaPointes the way for Ben-Ari

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November 4, 2019

Versatility and strength of beam were the main qualities lighting designer Nesi Alfasi says he needed in his fixtures for singer-songwriter Hanan Ben-Ari.

With dates at venues such as Tel Aviv’s Heichal Hatarbut (aka Charles Bronfman Auditorium, cap. 2,400), Amphitheatre Shuni (1,350) and Amphitheatre Yavne (450), the singer’s lighting needed to be able to perform well in both outdoor and indoor settings.

Alfasi chose 12 MegaPointe fixtures by Czech Republic-based Robe to complement a three-metre circular LED surface comprising over 3,000 smart pixels ins strips, mapped onto a series of shapes and graphic effects during the set, designed to provide an unusual digital element different from standard video playback.

“Robe has proved itself for producing reliable and hard-working lights which bring a lot of possibilities to any show,” says Alfasi. “I love the brightness and flexibility just 12 units can bring to a show like this. Israel is challenging for moving light technology with outdoor shows sometimes affected by harsh conditions such as wind, dust, rain and heat.”

The lights were supplied by rental company Mega Kol, which invested in MegaPointes last year because, according to company head Zvika Refaelovich, “They were so frequently requested by lighting designers.”

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