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Mendes keeps team together at Fly by Nite

Production News
May 1, 2019

A tight timescale and the need for state-of-the-art facilities dictated the choice of rehearsal space for Shawn Mendes’ world tour, says Scottie Sanderson of Fly by Nite Rehearsal Studios (FBN). 

He believes the production chose the UK-based facility, south of centrally-located Birmingham, to carry out production rehearsals because it not only offers all the space and know how a big production needs, but it can accommodate team members in 21 hotel-style rooms.

“We canvassed industry professionals and supply companies [when designing the facility] to incorporate exactly what they wanted from a new studio,” says Sanderson. “The way productions use the space changes on a project by project basis. We listen to our guests and take on board any suggestions they have.”

The facility boasts 1,600 m2 (42m x 39m) of uninterrupted floor space, a height clearance of 18.5m and 500 tonne weight capacity in the roof.

“This is the third time Andrew Thornton has used FBN Studios,” he says. “He really likes our beautifully-finished on-site bedrooms, so key creative personnel can maximise their time whilst in rehearsal. 

“Shawn was very inquisitive about our custom rigging floor. I was more than happy to show him around and he even sent a video message to my two young children by way of thanks.”

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