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July 11, 2019

BOUTIQUE FESTIVAL Pete The Monkey in Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer is expanding to 5,000-capacity, after rapidly selling-out each year since its foundation in 2012, according to organisers.

Created by brothers Rob and Louis Dumas and joined by business partners Pauline Couten and Victor Hall, the event has grown through its determinedly non-corporate approach, despite a slightly higher ticket price than most French festivals.

“Every year recently we’ve grown by about 800 people,” says Rob Dumas. “Tickets sold out in three hours this year and we only announce the line-up afterwards. Our festival-goers make a leap of faith.” 

Previous performers have included Songhoy Blues and Cosmo Sonic while this year features Hercules & Love Affair, Michelle Blades and Petit Prince. The festival also takes pride in its onsite décor, created by artist groups, some of which formed at the event. 

“By many standards the €100 [$111] ticket price is low, but similar-sized festivals in France are about €60 [$66],” says Dumas, who is of joint UK and French origin. 

“From the beginning we wanted to programme the best of France and Britain, including food and drink, so we introduced Pimms to the French, while the English audience discovers new French artistes.”

He estimates about 80 per cent of the audience is French and 20 per cent from the UK and elsewhere.

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