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Multi-tasker for Duo Pimpinela

Production News
July 11, 2019

When romantic balladeers Duo Pimpinela played a sold-out concert at Gran Arena Monticello (cap. 4,000), lighting programmer and operator Adair Rodriguez decided to deploy a multi-functional fixture, in place of more specialist lights he usually favours. 

A regular customer of Chinese manufacturer PR Lighting, he says he has often deployed the company’s 200 and 300 series fixtures in the past, with favourites including the PR 1000 and PR 700 spots.

However, for the Argentinian duo, he included the multi-purpose XR440 BWS, supplied by distributor Urdile Audio & Iluminación, as part of a complement of different automated LED fixtures.

“Having worked with many different PR Lighting fixtures, my favourite two have been the PR 1000 Spot and the legendary PR 700 Spot, as the optical brightness and definition of the colours in the air are just wonderful.  But this hybrid 440 BWS is also perfect.

“We ran the 440s in Beam mode for this show, for which it was perfect, but in the past I have run them in Spot mode as well. I have also used the PR Phantom but now I prefer the XR 440 BWS.”

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