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Muse’s sci-fi enlightenment

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November 26, 2019

A late 20th century science fiction and video games provided the visual inspiration for Muse’s Simulation Theory tour, with the theme of the show taking on its own character as the story unfolds, according to artistic director Jesse Lee Stout.

He invited Sooner Routhier of Nashville, USA-based SRae Productions to design lighting for a tour which took in venues including Denmark’s Royal Arena (16,000) in Copenhagen, Brazil’s Ginásio Do Ibirapuera (11,000) in Sao Paulo and the UK’s The O2 (21,000) in London.

The set was dominated by a large upstage IMAG screen, convex to the audience, intended to keep the audience focused centre stage and not distracted by screens positioned side of stage.

“With active input from the band, Jesse evoked a strong conceptual thread that permeated from the artwork to the stage show,” says Routhier. With LED a strong theme, and the performers’ costumes lined with LED strips to evoke video games, she also aimed to make the lighting immersive.

She deployed 32 MegaPointes by manufacturer Robe on handrails surrounding the set, with 22 along a thrust and B-stage at the end, plus another 20 on truss towers and in audience seating. 24 BMFL spots were flown above the B-stage, all remote-controlled by a BlackTrax system. In stadium set ups, 44 MegaPointes were used on the handrails, with 28 on audience towers.

“With numerous intricacies and detail in the music to highlight, I needed a reliable, quick-response light like the MegaPointe,” says Routhier.

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