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New bot-proof rules for ticketing websites

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May 14, 2018

About: Stefano Lionetti

New government regulations mean that online primary ticketing websites must now prove they are bot-proof.

The move by the Ministry of Economy and Finance is designed to counter what is seen as the increasing use by touts of bots – robotic software – to harvest large numbers of tickets for resale at inflated prices.

It requires ticketing companies to have a system for identifying whether a buyer is a human being or an automated programme, and also apply for ‘suitability recognition’ to prove they are bot-proof.

Ticketing companies that break the rules can be fined between €5,000 and €180,000 ($6,000-214,000).

“We welcome this first regulatory intervention that puts a brake on secondary ticketing,” says Gaetano Blandini, general director of copyright collecting agency SIAE.

“We will continue our battle against this unfortunate phenomenon, to protect authors, artistes and their public, but also all the organisers who operate with transparency in the entertainment and entertainment sector.”

However, Stefano Lionetti, CEO of leading agency TicketOne, tells Audience that bots have never been a major problem.

“We already have all possible state-of-the-art technical measures in place,” he says. “Our audit department goes through sales for top events line-by-line and we’ve never seen massive purchases by bots.”

He notes that further regulation is due in the next four months that will require ticketing companies to identify the ticket buyer.

“We have to wait to see what the new regulation will specify, but we hope it is something that is not impossible to do,” says Lionetti.

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