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New festival organisation demands action on drugs

World News
February 5, 2019


Arecently formed festival association in Australia has called on government to reform its drug policy after a spate of recent drug-related deaths at event.

The Australian Festival Association (AFA), formed in December, has written to policy-makers to demand action over drugs at festivals.

“As festival promoters, the last thing we want is someone to be hurt under our care,” says an open letter from the AFA board, which includes promoters such as Adelle Robinson, Danny Rogers, Jessica Ducrou Matthew Lazarus-Hall and Rod Little.

“We need to be able to legally implement preventative strategies, not just reactive ones.  We believe, and have evidence to support, that a combination of robust harm minimisation strategies will help Australians make safer choices and reduce the harmful impacts of drug use on festival-goers and the broader community.

The letter asks territorial governments across the country to setup state-level music festival regulation roundtables to ensure a more joined-up approach to the issue.

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