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New rock festival for Malaga

Festival News
January 2, 2019


A new rock and metal festival Malaga will see stages split between the backdrop of the Costa del Sol and a historic castle.

Rock the Coast takes place between 14 and 15 June, at the site of the Mare Nostrum, with one stage onside the Sohail Castle. The two remaining stages will be on the coastline.

Festival director Juan Antonio Muñoz of promoter Madness Live! says, “The setting for the two main stages at the festival is the sea. The third stage will be set inside Shoail Castle, which will be an incredible experience for the audience.

“The site is very well connected to the rest of Europe, the venue is only 25 minutes away from Malaga airport so there are no excuses to not coming and enjoying classics such as Scorpions, Rainbow, Europe and UFO.”

Tickets are priced at €130 ($91) for both days or €80 ($148) for one.

Other acts on the bill include The Darkness, Opeth and Magnum.

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