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New York tightens ticket tout controls

World News
July 12, 2018

New York State has passed a new law that requires online ticket resellers to post a “clear and conspicuous” notice of all fees and surcharges associated with the ticket purchase, as well as make it clear that the website is a secondary marketplace and not a primary ticket source.

The bill also bars speculative listing, where resellers and scalpers/touts offer tickets they do not possess, in the hope of securing a sale and then acquiring a ticket for a cheaper price. without first notifying the potential buyer.

Under the legislation, consumers will need to expressly confirm that they understand what they are purchasing before a transaction can conclude and that ticket resellers provide refunds to consumers who have not yet received a ticket or received a different ticket than was advertised.

“New York is home to some of the world’s premier artistes, performers, and sports teams and fans deserve every opportunity to see them,” says state senator Terrence Murphy. “This package is a major step forward for consumers and will help them navigate the often complicated process of ticket purchasing.”

Resellers are also banned from using deceptive domain names that contain the name of an event or venue, and they must post their license number for public view on websites.

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