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Orchestra manoeuvres for hologram concerts

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February 21, 2020

A concert celebrating the music of Maria Callas, which used a hologram to represent the deceased opera singer, needed unobtrusive yet high specification microphones for the onstage orchestra, to not detract from the impact of the visuals, according to front-of-house (FOH) engineer Howard Lindeman.

The orchestra comprises 14 violins, six violas, five cellos and two upright basses on a tour visiting venues such as Canada’s Orpheum Theatre (cap. 2,800) in Vancouver and Japan’s Orchard Hall (2,150) in Tokyo.

“The major challenge on this project was the space mic stands take on a stage,” says Lindeman, who chose 4099 Instrument Microphones by manufacturer DPA for the task.

“DPA’s 4099 not only alleviated that problem, but also allowed a close-mic recording [of the show]. Instead of area mic-ing with several large condenser mics, and fighting potential feedback, the 4099s allowed us to mic all of the string players and showcase the talent of each musician.

“The audio quality of the DPA mics is flawless,” he says.  “The 4099s deliver a sound as close to flat as you can get with little filtering.”

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