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Proteus holds off rain at Riptide

Production News
February 20, 2018
Music Festival

Although winter in Florida is generally mild, the 25,000 capacity Riptide Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, featuring Weezer, Salt-n-Pepa and Andrew McMahon, needed a “stunning” lighting rig capable of holding off occasional bad weather, according to lighting designer Rob Morgan.

With a downstage area fully exposed to the elements, Morgan, also president of Technical Entertainment Services (TES) which supplied the event, deployed Proteus Hybrid lights by manufacturer Elation on the downstage truss.

“Riptide was their first outing,” says Morgan. “The intensity of the fixture is great. It cuts through in outdoor environments, even in daylight. I was quite happy incorporating them into the design, where they held their own.

“It rained one day and they definitely caught some weather, but I was impressed with the performance and output of the light. They got a good soaking but didn’t miss a beat.”

Morgan used the hybrids both for thick beam looks and for aerial spot effects with gobos. “It was a big stage, approximately 60 feet deep by 80 feet wide, so there was a lot of real estate to cover and the Proteus did it well,” he says.

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