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Robe lights the way for Stones’ odyssey

Production News
December 6, 2017

Lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe aimed for a crisp, hard-edged look for the Rolling Stones’ No Filter tour, to tie in with four monolithic screens he designed with Terry Cook of Woodroff Bassett Design (WBD) and stage architects Stufish.

Among the many moving lights on the rig, four BMFL fixtures by Czech Republic-based manufacturer Robe occupied key locations at the top of each of the 23m high screens, whose look was based on artwork by film director Stanley Kubrick’s for his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

“Patrick and I needed a multi-functional fixture and knew the positions would be hard to access,” says Cook. “Given the requirement under CDM regulations that crew be able to access the fixtures safely we decided on BMFLs. They are high powered, intense multi-functional moving lights with nice sized front lenses [giving the much-loved fat beam] that are also reliable.”

Woodroffe adds, “We decided to cut the primary audience lighting positions into the rectangular form of the screens so they become an integral part of the architectural composition.”

Belgian entertainment engineering specialist WIcreations fabricated special elements creating slots two metres below the top of the screen, 12 mm Saco S12 LED – supplied by Solotech. Once the space was complete, lighting contractor Neg Earth slid a lighting frame into the gaps which locked to the existing screen supports for venues including UK’s Manchester Arena (21,000), Portugal’s Altice Arena (20,000), Lisbon, and Italy’s Unipol Arena (18,000), Bologna.

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