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Robe shines light on the Odesza files

Production News
January 20, 2018

The atmosphere for Seattle-based Odesza’s A Moment Apart tour needed to reach all four corners of each venue, according to Kyle Kegan of Voyage Prodcutions, which provided the light show for the concerts.

Playing at venues including Vancouver’s PNE Forum (cap. 5,050) in Canada, and Boston’s House of Blues (2,500), and Detroit’s Masonic Temple (1,600), both USA, the band needed a lighting rig which fulfilled a concept created by band members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, plus their creative team Luke Tanaka and Sean Kusanagi.

“They had a number of clearly defined notions about how they wanted the lighting and visuals to ‘speak’ and communicate their music,” says Kegan. “We examined every detail of every proposed fixture to match the feel of what they wanted, lighting both onstage and out into the audience.”

He specified 185 fixtures by Czech Republic manufacturer Robe, made up of 27 BMFL Spots, 74 Pointes and 84 Spikies.

The BMFLs were rigged in three systems of nine fixtures each, upstage, downstage and upstage on the deck. In addition to the key lighting, they highlighted the structural elements and provided textural lighting throughout the show. The Pointes were distributed in groups of 10, with 24 used for burn-through effects from behind the video wall.

Denver’s Clearwing Productions supplied the tour’s full technical package including rigging, lighting, sound and video.

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