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The Script notches up visual impact

Production News
March 20, 2018

A structure of interlocking LED screens dominates the set by The Script on their Freedom Child Tour, reflecting the neon, urban landscape on their LP cover, says set designer Jamie Thompson.

On a tour which visits venues including Portugal’s MEO Arena (cap. 20,000), Lisbon, Australia’s Brisbane Entertainment Centre (13,500) and China’s Star Hall (3,600), Hong Kong, Thompson uses a system called Notch, run on Avolites Ai Infinity R8 servers, to generate visual effects based on real time live images fed to it by the cameras.

“I was keen to deliver a more theatrical show, using screens as scenic elements,” he says. “We created an urban cityscape onstage, with streetlights and the video screen designed like buildings. So it’s angular and everything is based around perspective, which draws you into the centre of the stage.

“It’s a pretty hybrid setup: we’ve customised the R8s as Notch servers to create [enormous] server capability for this complex show.”

Media server expert Annalisa Terranova adds, “The Notch integration in Ai generates particles and applies them to live video. This means the camera images follow the aesthetic of the video content, completing each look, instead of just laying over the top of it.”

To control the lighting, Thompson uses two Avolites Sapphire Touch consoles, one main and one backup.

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