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Snapshots bonus for Leppard’s McHugh

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June 12, 2019

Having worked with a range of consoles, many of them analogue, front-of-house (FOH) engineer Ronan McHugh needed an audio desk with exceptional versatility for Def Leppard’s tour.

He selected a DiGiCo SD5 at both FOH and monitor positions for the band’s forthcoming tour, visiting venues such as the Czech Republic’s O2 Arena (cap. 18,000) in Prague, Canada’s Canadian Tire Centre (18,650) in Ottawa and America’s Zappos Theater (7,000) in Las Vegas.

“When I first mixed the band live [in the 1990s], I spec’d a Midas XL4 and finished the tour with a [Yamaha] PM5D, which made sense at the time,” says McHugh. “But since then, DiGiCo have stepped up, firstly with the SD-Racks and consoles, and now with the new 32-bit cards. Now you have a console that both sounds great and works ergonomically.” 

McHugh uses two SD-Racks, allowing him to access any input “at the click of a button” and provide feeds to recording facilities for any live recordings. He uses the desk’s Snapshots feature to increase versatility, allocating several Snapshots to each song.  

“On the show, I use DiGiCo’s reverb, pitch and delays from the console’s internal FX engine – and they work great. With Snapshots, I can change the whole rack out and you have a limitless supply of FX.”

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