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Snoop finds audio balance

Production News
April 20, 2018

Although rapper Snoop Dogg uses an in-ear audio system, he also likes the feel of a traditional on-stage wedge, according to his monitor engineer Freddie Johns III.

This requires a desk which can strike a delicately balanced audio mix, resulting in Johns’ decision to switch consoles from an older digital model to the dLive S Class S5000 Surface by manufacturer Allen & Heath (A&H).

The engineer was able to try one of the consoles midway through the tour, which visits venues including Raymond James Stadium (cap. 65,900) in Florida, Napa Valley Expo (40,000) in California, and Drai’s Live (4,000) in Las Vegas.

“I fell in love with the desk,” says Johns. “There’s a challenge in trying to balance the in-ear mix with the stage mix without ambient noise feeding into the mics. By using the desk’s ‘IEM Glue’ preset feature on the dLive’s multi-band compressor, I could maintain this balance and really tell the difference.”

Johns uses the dLive’s Dyn8 dynamic EQ on Dogg’s vocal. “I do something different with his wedges than I do with his ears,” he adds. “Snoop says the Dyn8 in his ears makes him sound like himself.”

At least 24 mix outputs are used to feed the group’s various monitors.

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