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Stufish halo glows over Queen

Production News
July 6, 2018
Queen + Adam Lambert

Designers of the Queen and Adam Lambert tour aimed to showcase the band in a modern way, bringing songs from the 1970s and 1980s to a younger audience, according to Ric Lipson of Stufish Entertainment Architects (SEA).

The company devised a stage based around an oval, an eight-tonne kinetic lighting sculpture above the band containing 94 moving lights, reflected by mirrored baffles throughout the structure.

The stage was modelled on guitarist Brian May’s guitar, whose neck formed a catwalk into the audience, for shows at UK arena The O2 (cap. 21,000) in London, Germany’s Mercedes-Benz Arena (18,000) in Berlin and Italy’s Mediolanum Forum (11,000) in Milan.

“We wanted to find a new way to present the band, and a way to celebrate these great anthemic hits,” says Lipson. “The band wanted a more contemporary look and we wanted to expand on the use of video content to embellish the show and add to the energy.”

Other key features include a seven metre wide rising stage that in combination with a curved video screen allow Brian May to rise into space on a video image of a robot hand to perform a guitar solo in a field of lasers.

International screen provider Creative Technology has supplied two 10mm pitch LED screens made from carbon fibre modules by manufacturer Glux. The first, an upstage six metre by 17m screen, requires a custom-made library ladder to attach to header brackets allowing the screen to remain lightweight. The curved four metre by 24m header screen was custom-made to create a curve with three different radii.

In September, the production moves to US’s Park Theater (5,200) in Las Vegas.

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