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Vasco expands industrial visuals

Production News
August 19, 2019

Building on a look that he devised for concerts in 2017 and 2018, singer Vasco Rossi chose a raw, industrial visual style complete with towers and large video surfaces for his latest outing, Live Kom 2019.

The tour, which included a run of six nights at Stadio San Siro (cap. 70,000) in Milan, featured a large central LED screen flanked by four large surfaces, two per side, creating a 97 metre wide stage.

“We simply wanted more of everything that was visual,” says lighting designer Giovanni Pinna. He used over 340 moving lights by manufacturer Robe including 152 MegaPointes, 122 Spiiders and 72 LEDBeam 150s. Screens and content director Marco Piva worked with Pinna.

Above the central section of stage was a video header which split into four sections, which tracked into different configurations, while the riser layout,  central runway and walkways were part of a new stage design.

“With this much LED in the environment, I needed super-bright light sources, which is why I chose Robe fixtures,” says Pinna. “Using the MegaPoints for the first time I was highly impressed by their power and functionality. The LEDBeam 150 proved agile and flexible.”

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