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Viagogo loses landmark case

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May 14, 2020

VIAGOGO FACES a major setback following a landmark ruling by its Supreme Court that requires the controversial re-sale site to provide detailed information about every ticket it lists, including the seller’s name and address.

The judgment sets an important legal precedent for secondary ticketing in the country, with re-sale platforms now required to be transparent about all tickets they list, including whether they are personalised.

The verdict means Viagogo must ensure sellers comply with the registration and the disclosure of their identities, otherwise the platform would be held accountable.

The Court ruling means consumers will be able to claim costs, including travel expenses if they are denied entry to a show, against secondary ticketing operators as a result of misleading or absent ticket information,

“The verdict is a remarkable step towards a fairer secondary market in Austria, as it not only forces ticketing transparency, but places responsibility at the feet of the platforms themselves,” says a statement from pan-Europe anti-ticket touting campaign group  Face-Value European Alliance for Ticketing (FEAT).

Meanwhile, Viagogo’s $4.05 billion acquisition of rival StubHub, completed in February, has come under the scrutiny of UK competition watchdog the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA has blocked any integration of the sites in the UK by launching a Phase 1 investigation into Viagogo’s acquisition of eBay-owned StubHub. It says it will announce before 11 June 11 whether the merger will be subject to a Phase 2 investigation.

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