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Who Tubes reveal human element

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August 19, 2019

Performing with an orchestra of over 40 musicians, The Who’s Roger Daltrey told lighting designer Tom Kenny that they did not want large video walls on stage for the band’s latest tour, Moving On.

Instead he wanted a stripped-back look to the production which encouraged audiences to focus on the “human” element of the music. Likewise, he did not want a large number of traditional beams.

“But he did want luminescence in the area,” says Kenny, “something more elegant and architectural that could help build the energy of the music.”

The designer opted for a backdrop comprising a silver-threaded laser fabric, while he positioned 42 Titan Tubes by manufacturer Astera between the musicians’ risers.

Among vnues the tour visits are New York’s Madison Square Garden (cap. 18,600), Little Caesar’s Arena (22,000) in Detroit. Hollywood Bowl (17,500) in Los Angeles and Seattle‘s T-Mobile Park (30,150).

“I wanted something new and innovative that could create plenty of drama,” says Kenny. “The Tubes run wirelessly while the Titan effects punctuate and accent the music.

“Each unit is mounted on a small floor stand and needs no cabling, so they are quick and easy to deploy in a busy space. They create a mix of slow and subtle fluid movements, through to manic strobing chases which highlight specific parts of songs.”

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