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Whole Lotti love for Yamaha

Production News
April 1, 2019


With a 22-piece band including strings, brass, woodwind and backing vocalists, Belgian tenor Helmut Lotti required an audio console capable of handling a large number of stereo mixes, according to audio engineer Bart Faut.

Ease of use, sound quality and reliability were also high priorities for the singer’s Soul Classics in Symphony tour, and he chose Yamaha’s new Rivage PM7 digital mixing system as the monitor desk, with its CL5 mixing front-of-house (FOH) sound.

“We felt it was better to have everyone on in-ear monitors,” says Faut. “However, the number of stereo mixes needed was greater than the 32 busses of a CL5. Yamaha’s Stef de Pooter told us about the Rivage PM7. With plenty of busses for the in-ear mixes, the Yamaha sound quality, ease of use and reliability, we knew that the PM7 was the console we needed.

“It is ideal for this production thanks to the large number of inputs, the amount of monitor sends and its seamless compatibility with [digital communication protocol] Dante, our R-series I/O racks and CL5 at FOH..”

Playing venues including South Africa’s Sun Arena (10,000) in Pretoria Germany’s Meistersingerhalle (2,100) in Nuremberg and Switzerland’s Theatre 11 (1,500), in Zurich.

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