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Wonderful colours for Krezip

Production News
February 21, 2020

With a range of new material requiring an unorthodox look, plus existing songs needing a “classic” approach, Dutch band Krezip asked Andre Beekmans of The Art of Light to create a new colour scheme for their reunification show, after a 10-year break.

The stage design for the three-night run at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome (cap. 17,000) featured main and B stages connected by a thrust, with the main performance space dominated by six nine-metre-high by 2.5-metre-wide upstage video columns. These moved laterally on a tracking system to form multiple configurations.

“The biggest challenge was creating a complete show concept ahead of any programming, without the band having played live for so long,” says Beekmans, who developed colours for the new material including “ravishing blue”, “living coral” and “passionate purple”.

The show opened with the screen elements together for image magnification (IMAG) so the audience had a clear view. Later, the screen divided to revealed nine columns of six Robe Spiider LED wash beams rigged on ladders, drawing gasps from the crowd, reports Beekmans. Another 41 Spiiders were rigged on side trusses.

“I specified Spiiders was for the powerful and refined colour engine which enabled me to get pure renditions of the show’s colours. In one song, the aesthetic was composed entirely from the Spiider’s flower effects, magical punctuation in the busy 90-minute.”

Thirty-four BMFL Spots sat in the overhead rig, 19 on the overhead trusses with a line of 15 upstage on the deck, used for precise beam work, while 16 BMFL Blades in the front truss did all the key lighting.

Beekmans operated the show using a grandMA2 console.

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