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Young takes the best from the rest

Production News
April 23, 2018

Country artiste Chris Young has nearly doubled the number of fixtures on his Losing Sleep tour, which is based on a number of features from the singer’s previous shows.

Lighting designer Chris Lisle and production manager Mike Stanley worked with Knoxville-based Bandit Lites, to take the two overhead trusses and upstage ‘torms’ (ladder-like structures) from his 2016 tour and a floor pack from the 2017 outing, including the torm components, using them alongside a pyramid of video panels.

“The rig has evolved, combining the two designs, and adding more fire power overhead with a mid-stage truss,” says Stanley.

Among the 150 fixtures are MagicPanels 602, which extend the video while providing effects and beam looks, plus MAC Viper Profiles, VL 3500 Washes, Elation CuePix WW2 blinders, Martin Atomic 3000 Strobes, Clay Paky B-Eye K20s and Robe Pointes.

Describing how he uses some of the fixtures, Stanley says, “In one of the rocking songs, the stage is blacked out apart from the B-Eye’s in a linear scroll with the kaleidoscope rotating. There’s also a ballad toward the end that’s primarily backlit by asymmetrical Vipers: it’s simple and it looks great.”

Young plays shows including Canada’s Cavendish Beach Music Festival (cap. 35,000), Cavendish, and USA’s Tacoma Dome (23,000) in Washinton and Denny Sanford Premier Center (13,000) in South Dakota.

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